Looking to take a photo or a video with your smartphone but you need a stable surface? Sure, you could always prop your phone up, but sometimes it’s not exactly convenient or practical, plus propping it straight up can also sometimes be a bit tricky. Carrying a tripod doesn’t make sense either as it would be too bulky, or will it?


The Pocket Tripod is a tripod designed for smartphones and it has recently been launched on Kickstarter. So what makes the Pocket Tripod so different from other tripods? Basically if you watch the video above, you’ll see that the Pocket Tripod is actually so slim that you could actually slip it into your wallet without any issue.

This accessory is actually the successor to a similarly-named accessory launched a couple of years ago. The main difference is that it has been redesigned to accommodate more smartphones. Prior to this, the original version was considered a bit limiting in the number of phones it could support, as well as phones with cases.

However with this version, its creators have made its opening wider so that more phones, or phones with cases, can fit. It’s a handy accessory that some of you guys might be able to appreciate and if you think you have use for it, go ahead and pledge your support.

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