Samsung-4K-UHD-VR-displayIn the past it has been argued about the need for our phones to sport such high-resolution displays. After all at a certain point, our eyes are unable to tell the difference. For example could you really tell the difference between a QHD and a 4K smartphone display? We suppose if you were up close and personal, maybe you could tell the difference.

This is why while display resolution on our phones stops being so obvious at a certain point, the same cannot be said for virtual reality, where your eyes are literally a couple of inches away from the screen. As if to drive that point home, Samsung has recently shown off a 5.5-inch display that has a 4K resolution.

Before you think that this could be the screen for the next-gen Galaxy Note, it isn’t simply because this display, according to Samsung, is a prototype meant for VR. Not to mention Samsung’s more recent Galaxy Note is of the 5.7-inch variety, and it seems unlikely that Samsung would actually make the phone smaller.

According to Samsung, the 4K resolution in a 5.5-inch frame also means that it has a pixel density of 806ppi. However as noted by the folks at Upload VR, it appeared that refresh rate was a bit low, at least as far as VR is concerned, but then again like Samsung’s reps said, this is only a prototype.

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