The thing about premature babies is that they are premature, meaning that they don’t get to spend as much time in the womb developing as they should. This means that when they are born, there is risks and dangers with regards to their development, and one of the ways to help deal with that is for the baby to hear their mother’s voice.

Research has found that when they do, it helps their brains develop correctly, but when placed an incubator, it is obviously hard to do that. This is why Samsung is developing an app called Voices of Life that will help with the development of premature babies. Basically with the app, it allows a mother to record her heartbeat and her voice.

The app will then remove any high frequencies to help mimic the sounds that a baby might hear in the womb. The recording will then be played on speakers placed next to the incubator, thus allowing the baby to keep hearing their mother’s voice even if the mom isn’t there. With statistics showing that there were 15 million premature babies born last year, no doubt that this app will come in handy for the millions of parents and babies out there.

Unfortunately Samsung has not stated when the app will be released or for which markets it is being released for, but hopefully we’ll have more details soon.

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