samsung-nx11There were rumors from last year that Samsung would be closing their digital camera division, but the company has since denied them. However at the same time, Samsung has been pulling out of several markets which if anything certainly looks like they’re preparing to exit the market at some point in the future.


Now it looks like the company has pulled out of yet another camera market, the Australian market to be exact. Speaking to channel news, a leading retailer in the country was quoted as saying, “They are out of the market we are not stocking any new products, all we are doing is selling out old stock”.

There are also reports that Samsung’s head of digital camera business up and quit back in April last month. In the meantime since Samsung has not officially announced that they have quit the camera business, there are a group of loyal fans who seem to want to keep the camera business alive and have since petitioned Samsung to not discontinue the NX1 camera.

It is understandable if Samsung had exited the market. After all there are more established players like Sony, Canon, and Nikon to contend with, all of whom have a much larger selection in terms of cameras, accessories, and lenses to choose from.

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