ios 9 siriBy now everyone pretty much knows that Siri is Apple’s voice assistant feature for iOS. Is it the best voice assistant? We suppose it has come a long way from when it was first announced, but we’re sure many would agree that it could still be improved upon. However if you’re curious as to what Siri should have been like, you could have your answer next week.


According to a report from The Washington Post (via 9to5Mac), Siri’s original creators have been working on a new AI voice assistant called Viv, which apparently in many ways is what the team had originally envisioned Siri to be as it is capable doing things that Siri cannot and can be used without having to type anything or downloading an app.

In fact if anything it seems like Viv could be better compared to Alexa, Amazon’s own voice assistant platform. It will be able to call users a car, order a pizza, and all of this is thanks to the fact that Viv is deeply integrated in a variety of apps that allows it to function on a much deeper level.

Viv’s creators will be officially taking the wraps off the software at a major industry conference this coming Monday, and it seems that both Facebook and Google have reportedly tried to acquire the company due to the potential that it shows, but so far nothing has come of it. We’re not sure how much better Viv is compared to other voice assistant platforms, but given the buzz around it we are curious, so check back with us on Monday for the details.

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