trntblDo you have a vinyl collection? Do you plan on owning a vinyl collection? If you do, chances are you will need a turntable in order to play them and while there are plenty of options to choose from, a company by the name of VNYL has launched a turntable called the TRNTBL that offers up a more modern experience.

While all turntables can play records, what makes the TRNTBL different is the fact that it can play records and stream the music wirelessly to connected speakers via Bluetooth, This means that you will be able to rely on wireless speakers, which also means that you can pump audio to pretty much anywhere in your house as long as it is within range.

To top it off, TRNTBL will also be able to share the songs you are listening to on Spotify. How it works is that the device is able to identify the records that it is playing and will then share the information on Spotify in which your friends can then see what you have been listening to. It will also be able to build Spotify playlists based on the songs that are being played.

That being said, TRNTBL is definitely not the first wireless turntable of its kind, but the sharing to Spotify feature is rather unique. It won’t come cheap priced at $420 (pre-order price is $351), but if you think that it’s a worthwhile investment then maybe you should check it out.

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