Mobile payment services are great for paying on the go. They eliminate the need to carry multiple payment cards on your person and enable you to get things done quicker at the counter. However, it takes time for these services to be widely accepted by merchants so users often have to find out beforehand if a particular merchant accepts their preferred service. Android Pay could soon make this search easier for users.

New code has been spotted in the latest version of the Android Pay app which suggests that the app could soon get location-aware services, meaning that it will be able to tell users which merchants near their locations accept the payments service.

The feature will look at the users’ current location and then pull up a map to show nearby stores that accept Android Pay. It’s going to make it very easy for people to find out which stores accept the service so that they’re not turned away at the counter when they try paying with their mobile device.

The code has been found inside the APK of the latest version of the Android Pay app. Just because the code has been spotted in the app it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will flip the switch on this feature, even though history tells us that after the code appears it’s only a matter of time before the feature is also released to the public.

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