apple_logo2There have been rumors to suggest that this year’s iPhone will be boring. Sure, it will be more powerful and faster than its predecessor, maybe even sport better cameras and whatnot, but in terms of design, it will sport a very familiar look. It is a rather odd rumor as Apple has typically given its iPhones an overhaul every 2 years.

However it seems that a report from The Wall Street Journal has more or less “confirmed” the rumors, and that apparently Apple will now be ditching the two-year redesign cycle. It is unclear as to what the refresh cycle will be after this, although last we heard Apple was rumored to consider making it a 3-year cycle.

The rumor had indicated that this was due to a lack of major advances in smartphone hardware, meaning that while an increase in processor speed and increase in resolution and megapixels are great, they aren’t particularly groundbreaking or exciting. After all when uploaded to Facebook, can you really tell the difference between a 16MP camera and a 12MP camera?

The report from the WSJ also corroborated claims that next year’s iPhone will be the one to watch. 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone which we guess will see Apple celebrate it in a big way with a flashy new design, or so the rumors claims, so as always, take it all with a grain of salt for now.

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