htc-vive-hardware_17While gaming might be the most obvious thing one can do with a virtual reality headset, the reality is that it can be used for all sorts of things and things that we would normally not have thought. Now if you’re a fan of Björk and her music, you might be interested to learn that the musician has teamed up with HTC.


Through this partnership, Björk will be bringing four music videos set from last year’s Vulnicura album to the HTC Vive and into virtual reality. Before you get too excited, these videos will not be available for download just yet. Instead they will be watchable via exhibitions that will be held in the likes of Tokyo, London, Paris, and Houston.

Visitors to the exhibition will experience the videos through a communal viewing room, but later on the clips are expected to be made available for download and also in virtual reality. Now Björk is not the first artist to offer up music videos in virtual reality, but we guess having more musicians embrace the technology can only be a good thing.

After all music videos have kind of been the same in terms of how they are delivered over the past decade or so, so if this will encourage more people to start checking out music videos and discovering new songs and artists, why not?

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