While smartphone companies might be tripping over themselves to create modular handsets, over in the wearables scene, we have Blocks, a modular smartwatch that was actually launched on Kickstarter last year with great success, we might add. Now if you do like the idea of a modular smartwatch, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is now available for pre-order.


If you missed out on your chance to back the smartwatch last year, fret not because this is your chance to get it now. The watch is priced at $330 which is admittedly pricey as far as smartwatches are concerned, but users will also get to choose four different modules that they can pair their device with.

For those unfamiliar with Blocks, this is a modular smartwatch that has access to 6 different modules at launch. This includes an extra battery module, a heart rate module, a GPS module, an adventure module (senses temperature, pressure, altitude, and humidity), a flashlight module, and a programmable button module that you can use for whatever function you want.

These are just the modules available at launch and we can only imagine that more will be released in the future, but in the meantime interested customers can hit up its website to place their orders.

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