The concept of a modular smartwatch isn’t particularly new. We have been hearing about a modular smartwatch called Blocks for a while now and according to the company, they stated that they were planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign to help make it a reality. The good news is that if you wanted to contribute to its success, you now can.

A Kickstarter campaign for the Blocks modular smartwatch has since been officially launched. Its creators are aiming for a funding goal of $250,000, but to date and barely out the door, they have exceed that goal with the total amount of funds raised at this time of posting is sitting at $398,060. At the rate this is going, we wouldn’t be surprised if it could cross the $500,000 mark.

For those who are learning about the Blocks smartwatch for the first time, basically it has functions and features similar to a regular smartwatch. However the difference is that components and functionality can be added and removed as you please. This means that you can choose to keep it as an extremely basic device, or add more to it to make it a more functional watch that collects data on your workouts and daily routines.

For example some modules that are available includes an extra battery, a heart rate module, a SIM card module, a camera module, a GPS module, a fingerprint module, and more. If Blocks sounds like the smartwatch of your dreams, then hit up its Kickstarter page to pledge your support.

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