dominos-pizzaDomino’s has long allowed customers to track their pizza delivery so that they know where their pizzas are and at what stage they are at, like the preparing stage, making stage, packing stage, and so on. However over in Australia, Domino’s will be trying something different and turning the tables on their customers by tracking them instead.

Before you get riled up about your privacy, no this isn’t so that Domino’s knows your whereabouts at all times, but rather this is more for customers who have opted to pick up their pizzas instead of having them delivered. The goal is that by being able to estimate the customer’s arrival, Domino’s will be able to know when to start cooking so that when the customer arrives, its pizza will be fresh out of the oven.

After all given that sometimes due to traffic or a last minute hang up, picking up a pizza late could result in a soggy and cold mess, but with this tracking system it will ensure your order will always be fresh. Users can choose to opt in on this location-tracking feature which will also see them mention whether they’ll be coming by foot, car, or bike.

Speaking to CNBC, Don Meij, group CEO and managing director of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises said, “50 to 60 percent of our business is pick-up or carry-out, so we wanted to create a GPS tracking system to try and align the customer with the product.”

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