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T-Mobile’s recent uncarrier event was all about thanking its customers and one of the initiatives it announced was T-Mobile Tuesdays. It’s a new app through which the carrier’s customers get free stuff every Tuesday with no strings attached, free stuff included a pie from Domino’s, but the pizza chain was so overwhelmed by orders this past Tuesday that it has decided to suspend its participation in the T-Mobile Tuesday promotion until further notice.

The promotion did generate some bad press for Dominos. Due to per-store promotional limits, not everybody was able to get the free Domino’s pizza they were promised, and some of them took to Twitter to criticize the company for it.

In an internal memo sent out to franchises, Domino’s says that it has heard from them and decided to not continue with the T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion until a solution can be found that’s best for the brand.

Domino’s hasn’t said that it’s never going to participate in this promotion again but it’s probably going to go back to the drawing board with T-Mobile to ensure that they can come up with a way that doesn’t harm the pizza chain’s image.

Surprisingly the memo was posted on Twitter by T-Mobile CEO John Legere himself, the spin he put on it was that T-Mobile fans were happy with the promotion and they overwhelmed Domino’s with more volume than its franchises can handle in a day.

Franchises will be happy that Domino’s is siding with them because they’re on the front lines and they have to deal with angry customers who were expecting a free pizza. T-Mobile is going to have to rethink this promotion.

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