Unlike planes or cars which are easier to detect and stop, drones are great if you’re looking to do something stealthy. For example (while not exactly drones) we’ve seen how some South Koreans have managed to float USB sticks and DVDs to North Korea, and now it seems that in a protest against abortion laws in Ireland, drones have been used to deliver abortion pills to the region.

It seems that while Northern Ireland is considered to be part of the UK, they are not covered by the Abortion Act. This means that in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, abortion is still considered to be illegal unless there is an emergency. For example in North Ireland, abortions are only allowed if the pregnancy poses a mental and physical risk to the mother, while the Republic of Ireland only allows abortion if the mother’s health is at risk.

In protest of these laws, Dutch group Women on Waves teamed up with Irish group Alliance for Choice, Rosa, and Labour Alternative to use drones to deliver abortion pills to women in need. According to Rosa’s Rita Harrold, “Abortion is criminalised in both Northern Ireland and the Republic. We sent the pills across the border today as an act of solidarity with women in NI who are currently facing prosecutions.”

She adds, “This is outrageous. Today’s action is a clear message of intent — north and south, we will build an unstoppable movement of women and young people until women have the right to control their own bodies.” Interestingly enough the delivery of these pills aren’t considered illegal as they are within the UK’s laws regarding electronic prescription.

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