touchid-not-workingSome of you guys might recall that earlier this year, Apple was hit with a lawsuit over the “Error 53” issue that basically bricked iPhones. However the good news for Apple is that it looks like the judge presiding over the case has ruled in their favor and has ultimately dismissed the case against the Cupertino company.

In case you forgot about Error 53, basically it was discovered that in the latest iOS update at that time, users would have their iPhones bricked if it was detected by the operating system that they had repaired the phone via unofficial channels, meaning that the user took it to some third-party repair company instead of sending it straight to Apple.

The issue was over Touch ID where Error 53 was essentially Apple’s way of ensuring the security feature was not bypassed through hardware tinkering by unofficial repair centers. However the lawsuit alleges that this was a non-issue prior to the update, and that Apple had not disclosed any potential repercussions.

The lawsuit also claims that there was a data loss as a result of this, but like we said, the judge has since ruled in Apple’s favor and claimed that the plaintiffs were not able to prove data loss separate from the Error 53 malfunction, or that Apple was aware of the issue in which case they could have been found guilty of false advertising.

However Apple isn’t completely out of the woods yet as the plaintiffs will be able to amend their claims to address the issues mentioned above and refile the lawsuit in the future.

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