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Apple’s digital personal assistant Siri got its start on the iPhone. Over the past couple of years, Siri has made its way to more Apple devices, but it’s yet to arrive on Macs. This year the rumor mill appears to have reached a consensus that Macs are finally getting Siri. Now, even the digital assistant itself is hinting at upcoming Mac support being announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 which is literally around the corner.

The hint stems from a rather convincing discovery made by Brian Roemelle who found that by asking Siri to open something in a new window,” he could get it to reference the “Finder” app.

Many of you will be well aware that iOS devices don’t have a Finder app but OS X does. This makes quite a lot of people believe that Siri is unintentionally dropping hints about upcoming Mac support.

Siri’s response to this question isn’t consistent, though. Sometimes it will reference the Finder app, sometimes it will simply say that it doesn’t understand the question or can’t perform the action.

It’s interesting to note that the trigger question doesn’t include the phrase “Finder,” which is what makes this a convincing discovery. Perhaps it’s just referencing the Finder app that the company will introduce with iOS 10, or it really is dropping a hint for a feature that Mac users have waited quite a long time for.

We’ll find out for sure at WWDC 2016 which kicks off at 10 am PT tomorrow.

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