evernote_premiumWhat some developers like to do is create apps for free, and then hide some of the app’s more advanced features behind a paywall. We suppose this is fair as long as the app does what it’s supposed to do, and more advanced users can have the option of paying for additional features if it isn’t enough.

Now Evernote used to do that with its passcode lock feature, where basically users could lock notes behind a passcode to prevent other people from snooping when the app is open. It used to be a paid feature but an announcement from Evernote has basically made the feature free and open to all users.

According to Evernote, “Your private notes should stay private, even when you take them out into the world. By popular request, we’re making this previously paid-only feature available for everyone. Starting now, you can enable a 4-digit passcode lock on your mobile Evernote, even if you’re using the free version.”

Of course passcode lock is just one of the many features hidden behind Evernote Premium so if you’re looking for more storage space, or the ability to turn notes into presentations, access notes offline, and more, then you will need to subscribe to Evernote Premium, but for now all users will be able to enjoy this particular feature.

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