Mark Zuckerberg is the co-founder and CEO of the world’s largest social network. He certainly wants us to share everything on Facebook, be it our photos, sorrows, triumphs, and now he even wants us to pick up our phones and start live streaming. Many privacy advocates regularly speak out against Facebook but if the only thing you’re concerned about is being spied on by the government or hackers you might want to use this simple trick that Zuckerberg himself follows.

Zuckerberg posted a photo on Facebook to celebrate Instagram reaching 500 million users. It’s a pretty big milestone for the Facebook-owned company so it’s fitting for Zuck to show support as well.

The photo looks simple enough but if you look closely as Chris Olson did, you’ll see that both the camera and the microphone on Zuckerberg’s laptop are covered with pieces of tape. It’s a pretty low-tech solution to ensure that even if hackers take control of your computer they’re not able to listen in on your conversations or use your camera to spy on you.

Perhaps we can understand why Zuckerberg feels paranoid about being watched. He’s one of the most powerful figures in the tech industry aside from the fact that he has a significant amount of money, so it makes sense even if it seems a bit ironic.

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