Peter Chou, the co-founder and CEO of HTC

If you follow technology news you might have heard of Peter Chou. He co-founded HTC with Cher Wang and was appointed as CEO of the company in 2004. He held the top spot at HTC for more than a decade and the company released dozens of products during that time. Things haven’t really been going well for the company over the past few years and that became evident when Chou was replaced as CEO just last year. Turns out, co-founder and ex-CEO Peter Chou has left the company.

It was announced last year that Chou was stepping down as CEO and that Cher Wang would be taking his place. He wasn’t ousted from the company, though, but it was evident that it was just a move to soften the blow.

Wang replaced Chou and he was shifted to the HTC Future Development Lab. There weren’t many updates about his work at HTC after that but the company has confirmed today that Chou left HTC in September last year.

The change in job title was basically an extended time period in which Chou looked for employment elsewhere and when he got the opportunity he left the company that he co-founded. Peter Chou became the chairman of the Digital Domain in September 2015. It’s a visual effects company that was originally co-founded by James Cameron and is now owned by Sun Innovation.

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