The HTC Vive is a bonafide virtual reality headset and it has given HTC a seat on the big boy table in the VR market. The Vive headset has been very well received and now the company can get down to the task of securing more and more content for this device. In the quest for more content, there’s one thing that HTC believes is a bad idea of VR and that’s exclusive games.

HTC’s Vice President VR Content Joel Breton told TechCrunch in an interview that HTC is not actively seeking exclusive content for the HTC Vive, and that’s because the company believes it’s a “bad idea for VR.”

He says that exclusive titles are not good for consumers as they are being blocked out of content, and when consumers are blocked out of content that’s not good for developers as they are locked out of 75 or 8t percent of commercial viability. “It’s trading short-term cash for long-term viability,” he said.

Many would agree with HTC on this. Oculus has exclusive titles for the rift and it sent out an update to block ports of its exclusive titles for the HTC Vive. Ironically, that software update made it easier for people to port Rift exclusives to the Vive, which just goes to show that nobody puts the community in the corner.

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