htc-vive-hardware_18By all account, it sounds like the HTC Vive is doing really well, or at least it is the most well-received out of the VR headsets we have seen so far. However it seems that HTC has decided that maybe they could expand the business further if they were to spin it off, which is what the company has announced.

According to HTC’s president for global sales Chia-lin Chang during the company’s latest general shareholders meeting, the company’s decision to spin their VR business off was explained. “Alliance agreements will help HTC enhance its competitiveness and play a more important role in the growing global VR market.”

HTC’s CEO and chairwoman Cher Wang added, “VR is a very important technology for HTC, and it is not difficult for HTC to generate profits from the technology as there will be a proliferation of VR applications in the education, healthcare, shopping and entertainment sectors over the next 10 years.”

Earlier this year it was reported that HTC was going to spin off its VR business although the rumors were later denied. However with the latest report and official statement from the company, we guess it was not confirmed at that time, but now it is. It is unclear how much of this will affect the HTC Vive which was built in collaboration with Valve.

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