htc-vive-leaked-1Yesterday there were rumors that HTC could be planning on spinning off their virtual reality division into a separate company. Given that the HTC Vive represents a new and very important development for HTC, especially since on the mobile front it looks like HTC isn’t doing as well as they did before, we suppose the idea made sense.

However, it looks like the rumors were false after all, according to an official statement released by HTC. According to HTC’s statement, “Recent media reports in Taiwan, such as by United Evening News, stating that Cher Wang is planning to spin off HTC’s VR operations into an independent entity that will be wholly owned by Wang is incorrect. HTC will continue to develop our VR business to further maximize value for shareholders.”

So it looks like for now, virtual reality will continue to remain as part of HTC as a whole. However who’s to say what will happen in the future? It is possible that maybe virtual reality becomes so big that HTC decides to spin it off into its own entity, but at least for now on the official front, it won’t be happening.

In the meantime, the HTC Vive will be going up for pre-order next month. Pricing of the headset remains unclear, but last we heard it was rumored to cost a whopping $1,500. No word on whether or not that rumor is true, but for the sake of virtual reality’s mainstream adoption, we’re hoping it isn’t.

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