Nexus-6P-03Last month during Google I/O, Google announced their own VR platform called Daydream. Google has dabbled in virtual reality before in the form of Google Cardboard, which is essentially a VR headset where you slot in a phone and you’re good to go. However with Daydream, Google envisions this to be both hardware and software.

This means that handsets need to be Daydream compatible to truly take advantage of it and last we heard, Huawei did announce that they would be creating a Daydream compatible handset. However the question is, when can we expect Huawei to release their Daydream handset? Turns out we’ll have a bit of waiting to do.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it was revealed that Huawei’s Daydream handset would only be released this coming fall. This is according to Huawei director Richard Yu who spoke about trying to overtake Apple and Samsung, and one of those ways is by pushing into new fields of technology like virtual reality, in which he revealed that the Daydream handset would be released this fall.

Unfortunately Yu did not provide details about the handset, but given that Google has been pretty specific about what constitutes a Daydream handset, we’re guessing Huawei won’t be straying too far, but we’ll just have to wait and see when that happens.

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