ios 10 dark modeWWDC is nearly upon us which means that we will be getting a glimpse at iOS 10, the next major OS update to the iOS platform. Oddly enough rumors on the features of iOS 10 have been relatively quiet, unlike when iOS 7 was released in which there were many rumors leading up to its unveiling.

That being said, we expect that Apple will introduce the usual host of improvements to usability, convenience, and power efficiency, as well as introducing new features. In the meantime, concept images have surfaced courtesy of iHelpBR (via MacRumors) which imagines iOS 10 coming with a “dark mode”.

Basically this feature will give your iOS a dark theme makeover. For users who don’t particularly enjoy how glaringly white iOS is, this dark mode could be a welcome change. It also makes it easier on the eyes when used at night or in a dark setting. This would be an OS-wide implementation so all of Apple’s native apps would be given the same treatment.

However it is only a concept but if Apple does introduce such a mode, they would be beating Google to the punch who has once again decided to delay the release of the feature for Android, claiming that it wasn’t polished enough. In any case what do you guys make of the design? Is dark mode something you’d like to see in iOS 10?

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