apple_logo2A couple of months ago, Apple made references to a “MacOS” on its website which seemed to hint that Apple could be rebranding OS X to MacOS. Granted it could have been a typo (an odd typo we might add), but it is possible. However to make the same “typo” again? According to reports, it seems that the MacOS moniker has been referenced once again.

This time it is spotted on Apple’s developer website where previously it was on their environment website. However this time round the main difference seems to be the capitalization of the letter “m”, in which it reads “macOS” instead of “MacOS”, making it more in line with tvOS and watchOS and iOS.

Like we said before, Apple has been given its products new names. For example instead of the widely speculated iWatch, we were given Apple Watch, so to see Apple rebrand OS X would make sense as well. It is unclear if this is simply a rebranding exercise or if the change to macOS could have bigger implications.

For example Apple is expected to introduce a redesigned MacBook Pro that will come with an OLED touch panel to replace the function keys, so perhaps the shakeup in how we use the laptop could be reflected in the operating system enough for Apple to want to rename it. Either way we guess we will find out more at WWDC 2016 next week.

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