Tesla’s cars are considered the gold standard in all-electric vehicles but other manufacturers are starting to catch up. Many have experimented with short-range electric or hybrid models for years but Tesla turned the game upside down with all-electric cars, and now the conventional manufacturers are paying attention. Chevrolet is already working to produce its Model 3 competitor while Mercedes-Benz is going to introduce its very own Tesla competitor later this year.

This was confirmed by chief development officer at Daimler, Thomas Weber, speaking to a group of journalists according to Reuters. Daimler is going to introduce this car under the Mercedes-Benz brand at the Paris Motor Show in October this year.

This is going to be the first long-range electric car that’s released under the Mercedes-Benz brand so naturally there will be quite a lot of excitement among the fans of this iconic brand. Weber has said that this car is going to have a 310 mile range which is right in the middle of Tesla territory.

It’s just going to introduce this car this October, the release will come much later. Weber’s conservative estimate of this new car hitting dealerships is “sometime this decade,” so it could take a couple of years for the long-range Mercedes-Benz electric car to go from Paris Motor Show to your garage.

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