xbox controller 1The product you use at home is the result of many design changes made overs months and years. Sometimes the end result is nothing like what the original design looks like, which is pretty normal as designers figure out ways to improve upon it, and also work out the kinks in design that would never have worked in real-life.


For those who are interested in a bit of history, the Xbox co-creator Seamus Blackley recently took to Twitter where he posted several original drawings of the Xbox controller from back in the day, which according to Blackley was in November 1999. This means that these designs are almost two decades old, but interestingly enough they still manage to look pretty damn modern.

Now it is obviously from taking a look at them that they were inspired by older consoles that were popular at that time, like the SEGA Dreamcast. Blackley acknowledges this and states that this was because the Dreamcast was popular back then, although he also goes on to add that the Xbox is its own beast.

Obviously the designs back then look nothing like the original controller, although over the years, the design has been refined further where we now have the Xbox One’s controller which is slimmer and more ergonomic than before, but what do you guys think? Which of these controllers wouldn’t you have minded?

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