overwatch_10_millionFor fans of Blizzard’s games who were worried about Overwatch as this is essentially an unproven new title for the company, it seems that you guys needn’t have worried. Earlier this month, Blizzard announced that the game had more than 7 million players and it looks like in the span of a couple of weeks, that number has increased by almost 50%.

In a post on Twitter, Blizzard has announced that Overwatch has 10 million players and counting, which is actually a pretty insane number considering how new the game is. We can only imagine that part of Blizzard is wishing that this was a subscription-based MMO because Overwatch’s numbers are quickly reaching peak World of Warcraft back in the day.

So far reviews of Overwatch have been extremely positive. It has also been noted by many gamers that they are surprised at how non-toxic Overwatch is, as in there aren’t many players engaging in troll-ish or toxic behavior, at least compared to other games who have had to keep coming up with ways to deal with such players.

Of course this is thanks to Blizzard’s ideas to curb such behavior, like imposing stiff penalties for rage quitters, and also dealing with cheaters harshly by slapping them with permanent bans even if it is their first infringement.

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