Trolls are undeniably a part of life as we know it today, and with technology, it seems that trolling has been taken to whole new levels. One of the ways we’ve seen people troll Twitch streamers is by making donations, only to get a refund from the likes of PayPal at the very last minute, thus tricking streamers into thinking they’ve been given a windfall.

We’ve seen this tactic apply to Kickstarter as well, although like in the case of that trolled Kickstarter campaign, it seems that Twitch streamers also managed to get the last laugh. One troll by the name of iNexus_Ninja has been going around donating huge amounts of money to Twitch streamers much to their delight which was captured live.

However when he tried to go to PayPal to have the charges reversed/refunded, PayPal decided to deny his request which ultimately left the troll $50,000 in debt. Apparently the streamers had decided to fight against his request for a refund and it looks like they won, much to the dismay of said troll.

That being said, this is no doubt an expensive lesson for the troll although according to his postings on Twitter, it looks like he isn’t short on cash and has no problems showing off his lavish lifestyle, but still, we reckon that $50,000 bill had to sting at least a little, if not financially, maybe his pride? In the meantime you can check out the video above which seems to have saved the various instances in which iNexus_Ninja trolled Twitch streamers with donations.

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