warcraft movieIt is no secret that the Warcraft movie kind of tanked in the US, but over in China it is pulling in the big bucks and has beaten out the likes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In fact according to the latest numbers in terms of revenue it generated, the Warcraft movie is actually the most successful video game movie of all time.

So far reports are claiming that the movie has managed to rake in a whopping $377 million worldwide, with the bulk of that coming from China. This has allowed the film to pull in more than the Prince of Persia which made $336 million, thus making it the most successful video game movie ever, and we all know how video game movies usually are.

That being said, the movie still seems to be far from breaking even. While the film cost around $160 million to make, it has been suggested that the studios would need to pull in at least $500 million in order to break even, and more if they’re hoping to profit from this. This is likely due to the fact that marketing fees need to be covered, cuts taken from the cinema in terms of ticket sales, and so on.

It does seem unlikely that the film will be breaking even as comments and feedback about the movie are pretty much all over the place, with some critics slamming it for being a terrible movie, while others are claiming that it is a great flick. What did you guys think?

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