There have been countless reports detailing Microsoft’s rather aggressive tactics for getting people to upgrade to Windows 10. Many have said that they were forced into an upgrade that they didn’t want and while many resigned to their fate, travel agency owner Teri Goldstein took matter into her own hands and sued Microsoft over the forced upgrade. She won and walked away $10,000 richer.

Teri Goldstein tells the Seattle Times that she didn’t want the Windows 10 upgrade, that she hadn’t even heard of Windows 10, but one day she found it installed on her system only to have it crashing regularly. It proved very costly for her small travel agency business.

She says that her computer was unusable “for days at a time” after the forced upgrade and reaching out to Microsoft Support didn’t help her case. Goldstein took it a step further and filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in which she sought damages for lost wages and a new computer.

Microsoft decided to not let the matter go any further and cut a $10,000 cheque, but the company is quick to point out that this settlement is not an admission of guilt on its part, rather a decision to not get involved in a lengthy legal process. I assume the company saw a chance to skimp out on hefty legal fees and took it. Microsoft says it’s going to look into the particulars of the forced upgrade on her computer.

Nevertheless, a precedent has now been set, and there are many who claimed that they were forced into a Windows 10 upgrade. It won’t be shocking to see if more people step forward demanding similar compensation from Microsoft.

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