playstation_vrLater this year Sony is expected to launch the PlayStation VR, and while it might be the cheapest of the bunch (assuming you already own the PS4), there really is no point if it doesn’t have any games, right? Now during E3 Sony did confirm several PlayStation VR titles were in the works, but during their press conference in Hong Kong, the company confirmed an additional 13 titles.

According to Sony, these 13 PlayStation VR titles are currently being developed in Asia, presumably for the Asian region, although we suppose it wouldn’t be surprising if they found their way stateside. The games are being developed by various studios across Asia, such as Singapore, China, Korea, and Taiwan, just to name a few.

The titles include Stifled, O! My Genesis VR, The Occasional Encounter, Unearthing Mars, Mortal Blitz VR, The School: Swan Song, Ace Banana, Mixip, Kill X VR, Weeping Doll, Pixel Gear, Dying Reborn, and Phantom World. We’re not sure about the details of those games listed, but if anything it does help to bolster the platform’s library of games.

That being said, PlayStation VR is expected to be launched on the 13th of October. Pre-orders for the device have been sold out meaning that if you did not pre-order beforehand, you’ll have to head on over to the store on launch day and hope that there are units left for you. However according to Sony’s earlier statement, it seems that they believe that supply will be constrained at the start, so good luck!

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