iphone-7-a10-processor-geekbench-benchmarkWe suppose it doesn’t really take a genius to guess that this year’s iPhone will pack the A10 chipset. However the exact specs of the chipset remains a mystery, or at least until now where thanks to a sighting on Geekbench, some details have been revealed, some of which might not sit well with some of you guys.

As you can see in the graph above, obtained by the folks at TechTastic, it reveals that the power difference between the A10 and the A9 (from the iPhone 6s) isn’t too big of a difference. The difference between the A9 and A8X is considerably bigger. It also shows how the A9X actually outperforms the A10 by 10 points, which we guess is probably inconsequential.

In addition, a report from Weibo claims that the A10 is still retaining the dual-core design. Given that Android smartphones these days are packing quad-core, hexa-core, and octa-core processors, it makes the A10 seem downright ancient. However since Apple controls the hardware and software of iOS devices, this isn’t really an issue.

We suppose at the end of the day do we really need all that power for the apps we run? For more basic users, probably not, but comparisons will always be drawn between iPhones and Android phones, and if anything the fact that Apple is still sticking to its dual-core design might frustrate some users, but at the end of the day we guess real-world usage is what really matters.

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