apple_logo2Apple’s iPhones are incredibly popular, so much so that in the past, iPhones used to be the favorite device to steal, at least until better anti-theft measures had been put into place. Apple also has over the years successfully created iPhones that have outsold their predecessors, meaning that every iPhone created was more or less guaranteed to sell.

So much so that Apple has racked up so many iPhone sales that it looks like they are pretty close at hitting the billionth mark. According to a report from Wall Street analysts, it has been suggested that Apple could be selling their billionth iPhone this month, or possibly even this week which is pretty much the last week of July anyway.

We’re not sure if Apple plans on celebrating the billionth iPhone sold. In the past we’ve seen Apple celebrate milestones like how much apps have been downloaded in the app store, so maybe we could see some kind of celebration. It is quite a milestone after all. That being said, analysts have also predicted that iPhone sales could start to decline.

This was already proven earlier this year when Apple reported a drop in iPhone sales for the first time ever. The situation is also next expected to be improved much either this year with the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6SE if the rumors are to be believed), but still, hitting the 1 billion mark is quite an accomplishment.

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