Apple’s car project is believed to be known internally as “Project Titan,” there have been countless reports and rumors about the progress on this project even though Apple hasn’t even officially confirmed its existence. A new report published today claims that Apple has made major changes to its electric car team and has put Bob Mansfield in charge of Project Titan.

Bob Mansfield worked for many years at Apple as a hardware engineer and an executive. He retired from Apple in June 2012 but it was announced a month later that he would take up an advisory role to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

He was then given the title of Senior Vice President of Technologies which he retained until July 2013. Despite having stepped down from the company’s executive team, Mansfield was retained to work on “special projects” under Cook himself.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mansfield has now been given charge of Project Titan after the top spot was vacated by longtime employee Steve Zadesky who was previously heading the effort.

There has obviously been no confirmation from Apple on any of this because it hasn’t even confirmed or denied if Project Titan exists. Apple was originally believed to introduce its self-driving electric car in 2020 but a recent report claims that the launch has now been delayed to 2021.

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