apple_logo2Project Titan is said to be the codename used to refer to the company’s electric car. It had seemed like things were going well as Apple is said to be nearing public road tests, but it unfortunately the project might have hit a small speed bump. A report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the head of Project Titan will be leaving the company.

While it was never officially confirmed, it was suggested that 16-year Apple veteran Steve Zadesky was the one leading the charge on Project Titan, and the report claims that Zadesky has told people that he is leaving the company, although this has yet to be confirmed by Zadesky or Apple themselves.

Apparently his reason for leaving was due to personal reasons and it had nothing to do with his performance. We’re not sure how big of an impact this will have on Project Titan, but safe to say that this could potentially push things back a bit as Apple will try to look for someone else to spearhead the project.

Apple has never publicly denied their plans, nor have they confirmed it. However there are some, such as Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who claims that Apple’s plans are an open secret, which isn’t surprising given that there has been a lot of evidence to suggest that Apple is interested in the automotive industry.

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