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Hyundai And Apple Could Sign An Electric Car Deal By March
Word on the street has it that Apple apparently wants to build their own electric car, but obviously the company has no experience doing such a thing so it would make sense for them to partner with someone who does. Recently we heard that Hyundai was one of the potential partners for Apple’s project.

Hyundai Could Help Apple Manufacture Their Apple Car
While it’s interesting that Apple could be interested in making its own cars, we did express our skepticism in their efforts, namely because Apple has no knowledge when it comes to making cars, or at least no experience. However, it turns out that Apple might have a manufacturing partner in Hyundai.

Apple Car Could Still Be 5-7 Years Away
While Apple’s plans to transition away from Intel and use its own custom silicon for its computers was considered a bold step, we reckon that the company’s plans to launch their own car is probably one of their most ambitious (rumored) plans to date. This is because car manufacturing and transportation is something Apple isn’t exactly known for, nor is it something they have experience in.

Analyst Changes Prediction Of Apple Car’s Arrival To 2025
Recently we have been hearing rumors that Apple’s rumored electric car could be arriving as soon as 2024. Given that we’re almost in 2021, this means that in the next 3 years or so, we will be graced with an Apple-made (possibly) self-driving, electric car. This 2024 date has been “confirmed” by several publications, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the wait could be longer.


Apple Car With ‘Breakthrough Battery’ Could Arrive In 2024
It has been rumored for a while that Apple could be working on a car of their own, and a more recent report suggested that the car could actually be launched in 2024. Now according to a new report from Reuters, they have “confirmed” the previous report and added a claim that the car will come with a “breakthrough battery”.

An Apple Car Could Be Released As Early As 2024
For years we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple could be looking to build their own electric car. The company certainly seems to have an interest in automobiles, having poached quite a number of car specialists from various companies, plus the various patents we’ve seen all suggest that Apple is definitely eyeing the automobile industry.

Apple Hires A Senior Designer From Tesla
A recent hire by Apple is making news today. Andrew Kim is the person in question. He has left his senior designer position at Tesla to join Apple. His LinkedIn profile has been updated to reflect that he now works at Apple as of December 2018. Kim’s Instagram also confirms that his first day at Apple’s HQ was on last Tuesday.

Apple Car Now Predicted To Arrive Between 2023-2025
We heard countless rumors over the past couple of years that Apple is working on a full-fledged electric car that will also be able to drive itself. It was later reported that perhaps the project was shut down in favor of developing self-driving technology that could be licensed to other car manufacturers. However, a well-known Apple analyst has now predicted that the company will indeed be making a car which […]

Apple Finally Hints At Self-Driving Car Plans
It has long been rumored that Apple is working on a self-driving car and despite mounds of circumstantial evidence, the company hasn’t really come out and acknowledged that it’s working in this space. However, the company has finally dropped a hint in a letter it sent to regulators in the United States in which it provides feedback on proposed guidelines for new technology.

Apple's Car Operating System Being Developed In BlackBerry's Backyard
Apple has long been rumored to be working on an electric car but recent reports suggest that the company has given up on plans of building an actual car. It’s now believed that Apple is going to develop an operating system for self-driving cars which it will then provide car companies that want to jump on the bandwagon. A new report from Bloomberg reveals that Apple is working on this […]

Apple Has Given Up On Its Electric Car For Now
It has been rumored countless times over the past couple of years that Apple is interested in making an electric car. The project is reportedly referred to as Project Titan internally. There have been all kinds of rumors about Apple’s car ambitions but the latest report from Bloomberg claims that Apple has given up on its electric car ambitions for now. Apple is no longer said to be making an […]

McLaren Shoots Down Report Of Apple Acquisition
It was reported just a few hours ago that Apple and British supercar manufacturer McLaren have been in talks for a potential acquisition. The report claimed that these talks have been going on for a couple of months now. McLaren didn’t immediately comment on the report but it has now issued a rather terse one-line statement which essentially shoots down the report.

Apple And Supercar Maker McLaren Reportedly Talking About An Acquisition
Talk about adding fuel to the fire. There have been endless rumors about Apple working on an electric car and now a report from a reputable publication claims that Apple and British supercar maker McLaren are actually in talks for a possible acquisition. There’s really only one reason why Apple would acquire McLaren and that would be to help out with its ambitions to become a car company, it’s not […]

Apple Reportedly Puts Bob Mansfield In Charge Of Its Car Project
Apple’s car project is believed to be known internally as “Project Titan,” there have been countless reports and rumors about the progress on this project even though Apple hasn’t even officially confirmed its existence. A new report published today claims that Apple has made major changes to its electric car team and has put Bob Mansfield in charge of Project Titan.

Apple Car Release Delayed To 2021
It has been rumored for a couple of years now that Apple is working on an electric car, some also believe that it’s going to be an autonomous car, but so far there has been no indication from the company to suggest that it’s working on a product it has never made before. There have been countless reports of secret Apple teams in secret locations but no conclusive evidence has […]

Apple Developing Charging Infrastructure For Electric Cars
It has long been rumored that Apple is working on an electric car even though there’s no conclusive evidence to support the theory. Tesla CEO Elon Musk did say recently that it’s an open secret that Apple is making an electric car. The company has hired some talent recently which points towards this possibility, and a new report claims that Apple is working with companies that provide charging stations for […]

Apple Looking To Purchase Huge Plot Of Land To Test Project Titan
According to earlier rumors, Apple is said to be buying/renting buildings that are related to Project Titan, which for those unfamiliar is Apple’s attempt at an electric/self-driving car. The project also appears to be well underway because we had also heard reports of hardware prototypes being built.

Apple Could Be Building Hardware Prototypes For The Apple Car
There have been several Apple Car rumors lately, with one of them suggesting that Apple might have bought up several buildings in which further research and development on the car will be conducted at. There was also a recent report that revealed that Apple might just have poached another Tesla executive.

Apple Car Talks With BMW & Daimler Reportedly Fell Apart
A report from last year suggested that BMW and Apple could be in talks about the rumored Apple Car, and it seems that Daimler was part of those talks too. Given that Apple has no experience whatsoever when it comes to manufacturing cars, we suppose it’s not surprising that Apple could be seeking a carmaker to help them build the vehicle.

Apple May Have Poached A Top Tesla Executive
Rumors have been circulating for the past few months that Apple is consistently poaching employees from Tesla to get more human resources for its car project. A new report suggests that the company has been able to poach the top Tesla executive, Chris Porritt, who used to be the vice president of vehicle engineering at Tesla. This high-profile hire comes merely months after the head of Apple’s car project Steve […]