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If the idea of being able share screens and beam content from one device to another, Google’s Chromecast is actually a rather nifty and affordable way to do so. Users just need the Chromecast dongle and they’re good to go. Granted not all apps will support the feature, but for the most part video streaming like on YouTube is one of the main attractive features.

That being said for those who use the Chrome browser, you might be pleased to learn that Google has finally decided to integrate the Cast option to the browser, meaning that users will be able to cast their open tabs onto their Chromecast-enabled TVs. Prior to this, users were always able to Cast their browser tabs onto TVs.

However it required users to download an extension which while not terribly inconvenient, made it a little harder to access by users who did not know about it. By baking the feature into Chrome directly, users will now be able to Cast their browsers onto their TV pretty much right out of the box with minimal setup.

According to Google, “The Google Cast toolbar icon is no longer required in order to find or use your Google Cast device from Chrome Google Cast functionality is now built in as part of the Chrome browser itself, so you no longer need to install the Google Cast toolbar icon Inactive cast extension in order to use your Google Cast device from Chrome.” Google also notes that if you already installed the extension, you don’t have to remove it as it will continue to function as intended.

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