google_cardboardA report earlier from Recode revealed that Google’s plans for their own dedicated VR headset had been killed. We had been hearing rumors about a standalone VR headset for a while now, but according to the report, Google decided to give up on it to focus on Daydream, their VR platform which would lead to the creation of Daydream-compatible handsets.

However it seems that Recode’s report might not have told the whole story. A new report from Engadget has revealed that Google still has plans for a dedicated headset, and that the company has for the past few months been actively assigning individuals to work on it. Apparently the headset is said to be able to power itself without the need for a computer or a smartphone.

It will also be some kind of mix between augmented reality and virtual reality, with an emphasis placed on its gaming capabilities. Engadget also points out that a WSJ report from February revealed the potential hardware features of the headset, and that the report might actually talking about this particular headset rather than the one that Recode had reported was killed off.

In any case Google has declined to comment on the rumors/speculation, so for now it’s really anyone’s guess as to what may or may not exist at the Mountain View company, so we guess it’s probably best taken with a grain of salt for now.

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