nexus smartwatchThe other day it was rumored that Google could be working on their own smartwatches. This would be different from the current situation which is basically where Google creates Android Wear and other manufacturers create the hardware for it. In a way these devices could be thought of as the Nexus of smartwatches.

Thanks to the folks at Android Police, it appears that they have managed to cook up some concept renders of what Google’s smartwatch could look like. The report claims that these renders are based on what they know of the smartwatch, as opposed to an actual “leak”, so what you see might not necessarily be 100% what you expect.

That being said in terms of design, they appear to be pretty standard and straightforward and there’s really nothing to shout about. One watch is bigger than the other as per the previous rumor, and it is also simpler in terms of design and function, versus the larger model which looks like it has more buttons for a greater degree of control.

They also appear to be designed differently and could also be made of different materials, with the larger model sporting a chunkier design while the smaller watch is more sleek. In any case we suppose this is all we are getting for now. There is no word on when Google plans on actually announcing their new watches, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

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