kinsa sesame streetTrying to get the temperature of your kid but they won’t sit still? Chances are this is something all parents have experienced, which is where smart thermometers like Withings’ Thermo can come in handy as it isn’t as invasive as traditional thermometers. However if you’re looking for alternatives, maybe Kinsa’s smart thermometer could be worth checking out.

Kinsa’s Smart Ear Thermometer isn’t exactly new on the market, but it seems that the company has decided to partner up with Sesame Street to create an Elmo-themed thermometer, as you can see in the photo above. Given how familiar kids are with Elmo, there is a good chance that they might be more receptive to it.

The thermometer has been redesigned to bear the likeness of Elmo, and on top of that, it will even come with Elmo’s voice which will say encouraging things like “good job” to make children feel more at ease. Other than that, the thermometer will function pretty much the same way as the “adult” version.

This means that the temperature taken by the thermometer can be shared to an app which will keep track of previous recordings. This might come in handy if a fever persists and you want to show the doctor what you’ve recorded. That being said, the Kinsa Elmo Smart Ear Thermometer will be launching today and can be purchased via their website for $60.

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