withings_thermometer_1Earlier this year during CES 2016, Withings unveiled the Thermo. This is a smart thermometer with built-in WiFi that basically takes your regular thermometer and gives it additional features and capabilities. For those wondering when it will be available for purchase, Withings has recently announced the device’s availability.

The Thermo will be exclusive to Apple Stores and Withings’ website. Compared to a regular thermometer, the Thermo won’t be cheap as it is priced at $100. However it does come with features that makes it appealing to use, such as its speed where it can apparently take your temperature in just 2 seconds.

The Thermo is also hygienic as it does not require users to press the device to their skin. All users have to do is hover the device about 1cm across their forehead and it will be able to pick up the readings. This might be handy for use with children who might not want to sit still to have their temperatures taken.

There will be built-in colors and an LED display to show the information that it has gathered. If you think that this is something you could use in your home, head on over to Withings’ website to get your hands on it.

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