onedriveYou might recall that last year Microsoft announced that due to the abuse of the system, they have decided to reduce the amount of free OneDrive space they were giving to their users. It was initially supposed to drop to 5GB for everyone, but they later changed their minds and said that users could sign up to opt into the scheme where you would get 15GB instead.

Now for those of you who forgot, we guess you’re out of luck because according to Engadget, it seems that Microsoft has already begun downgrading some users down to 5GB of storage. There were two dates that Microsoft stated that this would happen: the 13th of July and the 27th of July, which means that there are some users who are unlucky enough to have already been downgraded.

Microsoft has already sent out emails to users to let them know that their storage has been decreased. For those who have more than 5GB stored on OneDrive, the email Microsoft sent to users has stated that you guys have 14 days to get your storage under control. Should you fail to do so, your account will become read-only meaning that you can access them, but no longer upload to them.

They also stated that if you still do not address it after a year, content in your OneDrive storage could be deleted.

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