heart-disease-ibmDetails of the Nintendo NX are scarce and pretty much everything we know about the console is based on rumors, speculation, or patent filings, none of which provide guarantees in terms of features. The most recent rumor comes from the Chinese Commercial Times report in which it suggests that heart rate monitoring will be a Nintendo NX feature.


According to the report, word has it that Taiwanese company Pixart Imaging will be providing its technology to Nintendo for use in the upcoming NX. If you’re not familiar with Pixart, they specialize in creating CMOS-based heart rate monitoring solutions which have been used by the likes of LG and Under Armour.

The report claims that Pixart’s HRM sensor will transmit LED light waves into the skin to detect the wearer’s heart rate, although exactly how this will be implemented into the NX is really anyone’s guess. Maybe the NX could have Wii-like nunchuks that require users to wear a strap around their wrists, which in turn could provide the sensor with the heart rate data.

In any case this is simply a guess. We have heard various reports in the past about how the Nintendo NX will have virtual reality support, or how it could come in a portable variant and a living room variant, so right now it’s pretty much up in the air. However Nintendo is expected to make an announcement about the console’s details later this fall, so until then take it with a grain of salt.

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