pokemon_go_ebayThere are some gamers who are more than happy to farm for their own items and gear, and basically go about it the hard way. Then there are some gamers who prefer everything to be served up to them on a silver platter, so they bot, they find exploits, and in some cases, they even buy accounts of high level gamers to shortcut the process.

We’ve seen this happen with all kinds of games, especially in MMORPGs, but now it looks like it has been applied to Pokemon GO as well. According to reports, it seems that there are plenty of enterprising Pokemon GO gamers who are selling their Pokemon GO accounts on eBay where some are fetching upwards of $100.

There are some that are priced over $400 for level 20 accounts, which obviously is a lot of money. As to why some gamers would rather buy than go around catching Pokemon and leveling up themselves, it is because some gamers live in more rural areas where the amount of Pokemon is less than those living in the city, thus forcing them to buy accounts as it is currently the only way for them to get more types of Pokemon.

However before you get your credit card out, it should be noted that under Niantic’s guidelines, you’re not allowed to buy or sell accounts, and that gamers caught trying to login with a different Gmail address could be hit with a soft ban.

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