pokemon-goA couple of months ago, it was announced that there would be a beta for Pokemon Go in the US. It looks like the beta might want went pretty well because according to reports, it looks like game is now officially live and has made its onto iOS and Android devices, but there is a slight catch and that is not all markets will have access to the app for now.

The reports are claiming that for now, only Australia and New Zealand have access to Pokemon Go. This isn’t surprising as in the past, we have seen many developers choose to launch their app in Australia and New Zealand, perhaps to test the market and the app first before releasing it to the rest of the world.

This means that we shouldn’t be too far behind an official US release. In the meantime for those unfamiliar, Pokemon Go is basically a Pokemon game designed for your phone. The game was announced last year and it basically uses your phone which kind of acts like Pokeball in which players will be able to “catch” Pokemon in real-life thanks to augmented reality.

Players will be able to walk around places in real-life and discover Pokemon. They will also be able to battle other players. For Pokemon fans no doubt this is pretty huge, so fret not as we’ll keep our eyes peeled for its release stateside.

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