twitter logoWith so many tweets going out every minute, every now and then you will stumble across a gem that will be so funny, thought-provoking, outrageous, etc. that makes you want to save it and share it with your friends. There used to be a site called PostGhost that would archive tweets made by popular Twitter users i.e. celebrities, but unfortunately it seems that Twitter will be having none of it.

In a post on their website, PostGhost wrote an open letter to Twitter and basically it sounds like they’re trying to fight them on it. Its creators say, “We created the website to provide the public with a more accurate history of public statements made by the most influential public figures on Twitter. We believe PostGhost provides a fairer and more transparent way of allowing individuals to hold public figures accountable than Politwoops, a website that Twitter has recently reauthorized to publish certain deleted tweets.”

According to Twitter, they claim that PostGhost’s use of their API violates their Developer Agreement and Policy, which is by displaying tweets that have been deleted. However PostGhost argues that since they only archive tweets by popular users, or basically verified users, that they are considered public users which means that they want their tweets to be read.

We guess Twitter doesn’t necessarily see it that way, not to mention not every celebrity or public figure is a very active user on Twitter to begin with, meaning not all of them want to have their tweets recorded. In any case what do you guys think? Will you miss PostGhost?

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