withings_thermometer_1[CES 2016] Thermometers for the home aren’t new and come in handy if you want to see if your child or loved one is sick, or if you are developing a fever. There are several different options in the market right now, but for those who are looking for a smarter option, you’re in luck as Withings has announced the Thermo.

For those unfamiliar, Withings is the same company behind the Activite smartwatch, and it looks like the Thermo has maintained some of the company’s trademark design language in the sense that it is sleek and clean. So how does the Thermo work? It works by using infrared sensors that helps to take accurate temperatures of the user.

All the user has to do is press Thermo up against their head for it to work, and with its 16 infrared sensors, it should provide a fairly accurate reading within seconds. Thermo will run on a pair of AA batteries and according to Withings, it is ideal for parents taking temperatures of their kids as it is non-invasive, versus more traditional methods like sticking a thermometer under the tongue.

Thermo is priced at $100 and it is obviously way more expensive compared to a regular old-fashioned thermometer, but if you like the idea of a smart thermometer that pairs with a smartphone app to create profiles for your family, then maybe it might be worth investing in.

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