So far we’ve seen renders, leaked photos, and even leaked videos that are allegedly that of the iPhone 7. However a new video has surfaced that is probably the most comprehensive and clear leak we’ve seen to date. The video was uploaded by the folks at Unbox Therapy and according to them, they received a mockup of what is allegedly that of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now the thing is we can’t say for sure if what they are showing off is the real deal, but they claim that the device in the video is a mockup created by a company in China called BESOUND that was sent to them. We can only assume that either the company based their mockup on insider information, or if they are basing this on the rumors and photos that we’ve seen so far.

However as far as mockups are concerned, it does look pretty good and right off the bat, the device is shown in a new coat of paint which from the lighting looks like a dark blue/purple finish. This is in line with the earlier rumors that suggested that blue could be a new color option for this year’s iPhone and if this color scheme is accurate, we have to admit it looks good and not as tacky as we had thought.

Obviously you should take this video with a grain of salt, but the design of the phone, the antenna lines, the camera, and even the Smart Connectors at the base all seem to be in line with what we have heard and seen so far, so for all we know it could be the real deal, and if it is, what do you guys think?

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