no mans skyNo Man’s Sky has been released for both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the PC. Naturally this had many wondering if the game could eventually find its way to the likes of the Xbox One, so the question is, will it? This is exactly what the folks at the Daily Star tried to find out when they spoke to Hello Games’ Sean Murray.

According to the Daily Star, they asked Murray if the game would be making its way onto the Xbox One, or if maybe it could be an exclusive to the PS4. Interestingly enough Murray’s answer seemed to suggest that there could be a faint possibility of that happening. According to Murray, he said he wasn’t sure “actually allowed to say,” and that he needed to be “very specific with my words”.

This was a bit suspect in itself, and was made even more when a Sony rep cut in asking the Daily Star to move the interview along, and that there was nothing more to add. This seems to suggest a couple of possibilities. One is that the game is on a timed exclusive with the PS4, but Murray wasn’t allowed to say how long.

Another possibility is that it is a PS4 exclusive and that was the end of that, although we reckon if it was, Murray would have at least been allowed to say that outright, or at the least the Sony rep could have said it for him. In any case since nothing has been confirmed, we would advice Xbox One gamers to not get their hopes up just yet, but who knows, things could change in the future.

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